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Friday, 13 January 2012

Food Diary: 12/01/2011

I have decided to track more after speaking to a friend a couple of nights ago it made me realise I usually just mentally track and I am sure that this is what has slowed some of my weightloss down. So for the next week I am going to put up all of what I eat. As always check the values yourself as I do not go to a Slimming World group.


Shredded wheat with semi skimmed milk


Scrambled egg with 6 wholegrain ryvita crackerbread with low fat spread


Grapes and Weight Watchers Raspberry Tart yoghurt 


Savoury rice with chopped salad and 1 tablespoon of kraft light garlic and herb dressing


Cadbury's Fudge

Review of the day

I used 9 syns today

I had only one of my healthy extra A's and both of my B's.


  1. My only wish would be that you'd post calories (or kJ or whatever your energy units are) so that I could know how your foods would fit in my plan! haha. But don't worry about it just for my sake of course.

    1. Shredded Wheat is 153 without the milk
      Ryvita crackerbread is 20 per slice
      Yoghurt is 53
      Kraft dressing is 17 per tablespoon
      fudge is 115
      Savoury rice is 422

      Everything else I don't know. Calories would probably help me portion control more as the plan I do teaches me no portion control at all with things like rice/pasta/meat/fruit and veg.

  2. i need to track my food as it shames me into kicking my ass into gear .

    1. It's worked really well for me this week so far, it definitely keeps me on track. If I don't track the odd bits slip into my mouth and never get counted!

  3. I love Cadbury's Fudge so much and I am so happy that it's low in calories compared to other chocolates out there. The same applies to Curly Wurlys :) Yummy!!

    1. I love curly wurlys as well, I also found out that flakes are only 135 calories so thats next on my shopping list :)