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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Haddock served with roasted vegetables, cabbage, tomato sauce and feta cheese

I made this as a quick lunch yesterday so it was thrown together so I have no precise measurements.

Haddock fillet
savoy cabbage
Feta Cheese

Roasted vegetables
Yellow pepper
Italian seasoning

Tomato Sauce
Italian seasoning

I roasted the haddock with  bit of salt and pepper with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

I roasted the vegetables with Italian seasoning and cooked until soft.

I boiled the cabbage, I served it al dente.

I mixed the passata with Italian seasoning and warmed in the microwave.

To serve I placed the haddock on a bed of cabbage, placed the roasted vegetable around the side, drizzled the sauce and crumbled the feta over the top.

On extra easy and red day this would be one health extra A for the feta cheese and some syns if you like a lot like me.

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