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Sunday, 8 January 2012



Extra lean mince beef
Assorted vegetables, I used peppers, mushrooms and onions
Chopped tomatoes
Spag Bol Oxo Cube
Salt and Pepper
Lasagne sheets
1 tin of Heinz Macaroni cheese

1. Fry mince and vegetables until cooked.
2. Add chopped tomatoes, oxo cube, seasoning and herbs and leave to simmer. I also add half a tin of water to stop the sauce drying out too much, this way you can use the left over bits of tomato sauce left in the tin!
3.Begin to layer the bolognese sauce and lasagne sheets.
4. Top with Heinz macaroni cheese.
5. Oven bake until lasagne sheets are cooked.

Just out of the oven

Up close yum!

I served mine with SW chips and salad

This can also be made using quorn if you are on a green day. 

To my knowledge Heinz Macaroni cheese is 1 1/2 syns per 100g, I used a 400g tin meaning for this recipe it was 6 syns and would easily server 2 people. Please always check your own syns as I am no expert! I use this as many moons ago when I first tried Slimming World macaroni cheese was free and I've not found a low syn cheese sauce that's any good, feel free to give me cheese sauce recipes below :-)


  1. Wow, i'd never have thought to put Macaroni cheese on a lasagne.

    I bet it tasted so good!

  2. Cant wait to try this, Mary x

  3. I have a cheese sauce recipe that I use every time I make lasagne. 3 tubs of cottage cheese, 2 eggs, 2 good pinches of nutmeg. Blitz it all in the blender, if it is too thick I give it a dash of skimmed milk just to thin it down a little. Top with cheddar cheese and then put in the oven.

  4. That's the cheese sauce recipe I use too ( I usr 600g cottage cheese to two eggs n nutmeg) it's pretty good