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Monday, 23 May 2011

Speed Soup

Speed soup

1 can mixed bean salad
1 can green lentils
2 cans chopped tomatoes
1 can baked beans
Handful of split lentils
2 large leeks
1 large onion
4 medium carrots
2 parsnips
Green, red & yellow pepper
2 beef or chicken or vegetable stock cubes dissolved in water
Salt pepper
Mixed herbs
Chilli powder

1.Chop and put all vegetables in pan
2.Add all other ingredients
3.Cover with water bring to boil and simmer until soft
4.Can be left chunky or blended

This is delicious and really filling. You can add as much or as little seasoning as you want and also experiment with different seasonings.

A delicious way to serve the soup is by adding some Weight Watchers Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips (4 syns) either by crushing them on top or using to scoup up the soup.

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