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Friday, 19 August 2011

New things for my walks

I have been taking part in Weightlossfordudes Lifestyle Change Challenge for four weeks now and I'm loving the exercising but haven't really got the right clothes so I picked up a hoody from Yours Clothing as it's been colder here for the past week and with Autumn and Winter coming up it will good for my walking then, it's also long enough to wear with my leggings so no more too short jogging bottoms that I have been wearing.And the best bit is that it's a size 22-24 and I was a size 30 in most things in January!!

The second thing I got was from the pound shop, I think I buy about 90%of my things from bargain shops I love them :)

So I wanted a small backpack to carry a bottle of water, my ipod, phone and car keys. It's really handy and lightweight so will be perfect for storing the few things I need I just hope it lasts a while and doesn't break on the first outing.


  1. The fold-away backpack looks neat, I've never seen one of those! And the outfit is nice. I love how the clothing has gotten smaller too, that always makes me feel so good. Just today I've noticed my belt #3 (3rd belt since Jan) is on it's last notch, and shorts are falling off! Belt #4 has been waiting in the "skinny clothes" pile since I started, and should be my final belt till goal (I *think*!).

  2. Yay for belt #3 and for shorts falling down! haha! I was so happy when my trousers from work fell down :)

    I'd never seen the backpack before but for £1 I thought I would give it a try!