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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Weigh in update 18/08/2011

So today was weigh in. I've had such a good week but knew my scales went up a lot at the beginning of the week, by a lot I mean 4lbs!I usually go up after weigh in but maximum of 1.5lbs. However, I still expected a good loss of 2lbs as I have been on plan 100% no cheats, no extra syns, plenty of vegetable, plenty of water and exercise. So anyways I lost 1lb taking my total to 3 stone 4lbs (46lbs) I always have to remind myself that even though I am disappointed I didn't maintain and I didn't gain and 1lb of fat is a lot, just take a look.

I desperately want 3lbs off next week to get to my 3 1/2 stone; 4lbs would also be great as it will take me to that magical 50lb mark! At some points whilst losing weight I've felt that I would never be able to get to that amount of loss but I'm glad I'm almost there. I'm proud of myself that I haven't given up and that I have found a support network of people that makes staying on track so much easier.


  1. Nice work Gemma! And what is that yellow mound, I hope that's not actual fat! lol.
    It might take 2 weeks to get to your 50 lb mark but I wouldn't worry. This happens to me a lot too, I DESPERATELY want to reach the "overweight" BMI this Saturday, but it's going to be a close shave. This happens to me a lot. It seems like when a big objective is close I sometimes need an extra week to hit it. I'm not sure if I somehow eat more to sabotage myself or what!

    You aren't too far behind me in weight loss either. I may have started slightly earlier than you too. I'm sitting at about 67 lbs lost now. Hitting 70 and then 75 lbs down (3/4 done) will be amazing!

    I'm glad that you're here and that we've been able to interact over most of this year, it's been great. It's helped me a lot too.


  2. Thanks Bert :) I'm hoping it's a representation of fat and not actual fat. I remember when I used to go to Slimming World they had a rubber 1lb fat model like the one on the picture and it always made me feel better about losing only a lb.

    It's exciting you are 3/4 done I'm not even sure what weight I want to get down to but I'm not even half way there yet. I checked the BMI charts and to be in the middle of the OK range I have a long way to go and seems unrealistic for my height but when I'm closer it probably won't seem unrealistic.

    I've really enjoyed being able to interact for most of this year with you and it's definitely helped. Thank you.