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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Weigh in 25/08/2011

Sorry for the late update! This week I lost 2lbs taking my total to 3 stone 6lbs or 48lbs for those of you that weigh in lbs. I am really chuffed with 2lbs, I would have liked 3lbs just to get to 3 1/2 stone but 2lbs is a great loss for a week.

I wasn't as good as I had been in the last couple of weeks, I had a KFC! It wasn't as nice as I remembered and I won't be having it again. I also found that I woke up early in the morning craving chocolate and that is something I haven't done since losing weight, it used to happen a lot before so I'm wondering if some of the stuff they put make you crave bad things, or maybe I just wanted chocolate at 6am! The only other thing I had that wasn't on plan was tea at my sisters.

The rest of the week was fine food wise, I did slack on the exercise but I'm back on it this week for the final week of the lifestyle change challenge so going to make it a good one to round off the challenge.

Hope everyone else is doing great.

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