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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Another update

Here I am at 28+2 weeks pregnant with another 11 weeks 5 days until due date, however, I don't think I will go to 40 weeks and hoping baby doesn't come before 37 weeks. At 37 weeks you are considered full term :-)

I have still only gained 12lbs, I did put some weight on, my weight gain shot up to 16lbs which I think was a 'bullshit' weight, I then dropped to 13.5lbs before losing 1.5lbs to get back to a 12lb gain. I think my loss has been due to cutting out sugar and also the fact I am eating a lot better than I was just a few weeks back. I have had to go on metformin as I am unable to control my morning glucose levels. I have read up on something called the 'Dawn Phenomenon' in diabetes, if you are interested there is some information here which could explain my early glucose results. The Dr doesn't seem too worried about my glucose levels overall and did say this is normal for people with gestational diabetes.

I have been eating plenty of salad and lean meats with salad dressing, I have been using the full fat versions of salad dressings as they have less sugar in them, my current favourite is Hellmanns Caesar dressing. I am also hoping to get a couple more recipes up here in the next week.

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