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Friday, 3 August 2012

Spanish Omelette


4 eggs
1 large potato
Selection of vegetables (I used mushrooms, peppers and spring onions)

1. Slice potatoes really thinly and add to frying pan on a low heat, crush garlic and place over potatoes.
2. Mix eggs together with a dash of milk and seasoning.
3. Add the rest of the sliced vegetables into the pan.
4. Fry all ingredients until potatoes are soft, then add the egg mixture.
5. Cook on a low heat until egg is cooked through. You may need to turn the omelette ovrer or brown top under a grill.

I added some sliced babybel cheese on the top of mine and served with a salad. This is also goo served with beans.

You can add whatever you like to the omelette, ham and bacon work well. You can also add a lot more potatoes to layer it to make a thicker omelette that would do for more than one meal. It is also nice to serve cold for dinner the next day.

This worked well for my blood sugars as well as being compatible with the Slimming World plan.


Sorry about the quaity of pictures I used my mobile and flash didn't work as battery had almost died.


  1. I always like a good omelet. The more spicy and "spanish" for me the better!

  2. Oooo nom nom nom.. that looks gorgeous.. i need to make one NOW!! love from me over there >>