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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Weigh in update 03/11/11

I stayed the same this week so it's still a total of 4 stone 5lbs (61lbs) loss. I am OK with this as I have struggled this week with cravings and have only done minimal exercise. Thinking about what I have done in the last couple of weeks, a big gain then a big loss a maintain is probably a good thing to give my body a bit of a rest.

It was Jonathan's birthday yesterday so we went out for a meal, I think I chose wisely I had lamb rump, roasted sweet potatoes, vegetables and mint gravy. Tonight I am out for a fireworks display and a curry for one of my best friends birthday. After this I am on an eating out ban until the end of the month!

I still haven't been out on my bike, I am going to see if I can get in my car otherwise I am going to need a thingymebob for my car!

I have also looked into my numbers for October and here they are:

Lbs lost: 2
Inches lost: 3

It's pretty pathetic but roll on this month when it will be more awesome. Below are my total inch loss so far this year in the areas I measure.

Hips: 12
Waist: 7.5
2nd Belly (area between boobs and belly!): 7
Under bust: 6.5
Bust: 8
Neck: 1.5

I am happy overall but wish that I had got more off my waist and a bit more of my hips as this is where I carry most of my weight.

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  1. Considering you said you struggled with cravings and doing minimal exercise, I think your loss for October should be seen as a positive. So well done! :)