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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Christmas Planning

Following on from my previous post it got me thinking about how to plan around Christmas, usually I know I am going to eat a lot a Christmas but doesn't bother me but after my huge gain after my holidays I realised I need to be serious about this weightloss and not let things get in my way.

People say it's only one day, technically it is but if you think about what happens near Christmas and you have yourself a lot of days to get lost in food in and drink.

For me it starts in the last weekend of November when I go to Lincoln Food and Drink Festival with my Mum, we stay in Lincoln for the weekend and spend the Saturday at the festival watching cooking demonstrations,purchasing and sampling lovely food we are also staying in a nice hotel with a fancy restaurant this year so we are having a meal there too.

The there's the chocolate advent calender.

Next up in the Christmas Markets, this year I will be going to the one in Lincoln (yes that will be two trips to Lincoln in two weeks ) with Jonathan, his Mum and Uncle again there are plenty of food stalls, the sell Ostrich burgers which are to die for and I love the gluhwine and hot chocolate with baileys.

Most people go to a work Christmas do which again would involve food and copious amounts of alcohol. I won't be going to mine but my brother to be awkward decided to be born exactly a week before Christmas which will be a trip to the Manchester Christmas market and a meal.

We are now a week from Christmas and I haven't even started on the the shopping where the temptation to grab a quick bite to eat on the run, pre Christmas drinks or the day itself.

It's quite overwhelming having to think about all of this when I am torn between wanting to stay as much on plan as possible to thinking 'sod it I love Christmas I am going to eat, drink and be merry'. The problem is after it all the merry will be much more of a depression of weight gain and self pity of why do I do this to myself?

Earlier in the year when I was trying to think of where I would like to be in terms of weightloss I had decided on being at 6 1/2 stone loss so that I could have a cushion of 1/2 a stone to put on over Christmas, at the time Jonathan said that it was ridiculous, I sulked at him but actually he is right why would anyone who was overweight ever think 'oh I'll just put on 7lbs!'

So this year I am taking control, the first thing I will be doing is getting a an advent candle like the one below which are available in Aldi from this Sunday on their special offer deals.

Next I am going to enjoy the weekend away with my Mum and get back on track on the Monday, after all it's only a couple of days. The Christmas Market will be fine I will be driving so the gluhwein and baileys will be out the window and Ostrich burgers are extremely low in fat. My brother's birthday will be easy too as I will choose to drive, therefore saving me syns on alcohol.

Shopping just needs to be organised and prepared for I will take some Slimming World friendly treats in my bag.

Then Christmas begins with a night out on Christmas Eve, I am going to enjoy this night drink sensibly and try and get to a dancefloor to work it off. Christmas Day will start with a good breakfast to see me through to to best meal of the year, with plenty of veggies of course. Boxing day is buffet time so plenty of lean meats and salad to be had. So in a nutshell my plan is to enjoy myself, cut down where I can, fill up on veggies and have a right good time!! How about everyone else?


  1. Great post! This year I'm planning and buying everything in November. Next week I shall be writing out the festive menu. No over-sized turkey this year - I'm buying turkey breast instead, that way I don't have to feel the pressure of eating extra turkey for the following 3 days in a bid to eat it all before it goes off. I hate waste! LOL.
    I'm not buying lots of chocolates either. They hang around until mid January otherwise AND even if I chose not to eat them, I'd still have to watch my teenager and fiance stuffing them in their faces.
    Last year I put on 6lbs over the festive period. This Christmas I WILL be in control. Hehe. x

  2. Last year I lost weight at Christmas because I had the flu! I think it's the only time I was grateful for being ill! LOL