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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Christmas Target

I have been thinking about my Christmas target, originally I wanted to be at 6 stone (84lbs) loss for the year which would leave me to lose 23lbs in a little over 8 weeks.This is achievable but I put a lot of pressure on myself at the beginning of my journey to lose weight, if I remember correctly I wanted to have lost 8 stone by the end of this year which I am nowhere near, so taking this into consideration I am aiming to lose another stone before Christmas which would take my total loss to 5 stone 5lbs (75lbs).

I haven't got an elaborate plan to achieve this next target as it should be easily done, I am just going to continue to make good, home cooked and healthy food. I am however going to start exercising more as I need to start to tone up as I am losing because I have started to notice the lose skin which I know will happen but I want to try and make it not as bad as it would be without exercise. I hope that last bit made sense!

So what are everyone's Christmas targets? Anyone planning on doing anything extra to get to their targets?


  1. I don't have a Christmas target. I think I ought to be at around 220-225 by then, which is still not my goal but very close. I had some thoughts about reaching goal by the end of this year but I realized that I'd probably fall slightly short, which doesn't bother me much because a few weeks or months either way is nothing compared to the years of obesity I've lived through.

    I am changing things up though to hit my target, which I've mentioned a little bit in my last vid. I'm going to at least try to track my exercise better, because I'm finding too many fatigue-episodes when I don't. I wanted to get away from all tracking but I've kind of given up on that for now. I can see that this method will work for me at maintenance but not for loss. I want to work on the weight training and "core" workouts as well as just general high-level cardio and for all that I need to eat more on days when I do more, so that I feel healthy and energetic. And I don't know how to do that, and still LOSE weight, without tracking the exercise. If I do very little and do the same thing every day, obviously the food intake would stay constant and that's much easier to deal with, but it's not where I want to be for the rest of my loss.

  2. I'm just going to try and keep going as I am. Everytime I give myself a target, I tend to fail, so the less pressure on me the better I tend to do.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I think I'm making too much of it being Christmas but I know it's a big danger zone for me!

    Bert I'm looking forward to seeing how you go for the rest of your journey as you've been a big inspiration to me this year :-)

    Tim , thanks for the comment I am loving your blog too!I gave myself big long term targets at the beginning of the year which I didn't handle well but I have managed to reach targets when doing them in 6-10 week gaps.