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Friday, 28 October 2011

Weigh's a long one!

This is going to be my first weigh in for two weeks as I was on holiday last week so didn't weigh in. I was going to wait until weigh in but couldn't stay away from the scales to see the damage I had done over 8 days, and by what had entered my gob I knew that I was in for a gain I am going to revisit some of the lovel delights that I shoveled into my very expectant gob!

  • Greek Meze meal complete with cheesecake
  • Numerous alcoholic drinks
  • Take -away (yes I did say I was going to avoid but cheesy garlic bread, burger and onion rings were too much to resist)
  • Birthday cheesecake made my sister - it would be rude not to
  • Massive plate of chilli, rice and cheese at my Mum's
  • Sandwiches
  • Sausage roll
  • Pizza
  • Wine
  • Cider
  • Curry
  • Wetherspoons big breakfast
  • Crisps
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Cream cake
I think that's enough for you all to get the idea that I over indulged, part of me hoped that all the walking I did would mean that the food I ate wouldn't make much of a dint in my weightloss but that's just the fat persons way of justifying the obscene amounts of food!!!

On the Saturday morning I stood on the scales, heard the beep and tried to keep my eyes closed but knew I had to open them to see what I had done. Big drum roll ---- a whole 10lbs had jumped right on that number. That was half of what I set myself to lose 10 weeks before my birthday. I am pretty sure this all went on my face, my measurements hadn't changed. So then I had to start Operation Minus 10lbs. 

So what could I do make it seems this 10lb gain had never happend well I could

  1. Eat not very much, maybe eating a whole 1200kcals a day would do it.
  2. Cut out all syns no velvet crunch, no curly wurly :'(
  3. Do something crazy cabbage soup diet maybe or that miracle juicing diet
I didn't do any of the above I stuck to what I have done for the rest of this year, followed the Slimming World plan 100% eaten all my free food, made sure I had my healthy extras and finally I ate my syns, isn't that what they are there for?

I have eaten some awesome things this week and when I finally figure out how to put a table in my blog I will put my food diaries on here. Everyday I have had a cooked breakfast either eggs and beans (green day) or egg, bacon and mushrooms (Extra Easy day); for lunches I have been having salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes. For tea I have enjoyed lasagne, stilton and vegetable pasta and meat free burgers and SW chips. For syns I have enjoyed Freddo(5), Velvet Crunch (4), ketchup (1), low fat margarine (2),  and Kraft Garlic and Herb dressing (1) 

I will not deprive myself of food as this is when the danger will set in and I would have never got back on track, so after all this how did I do, well, I lost the 10lbs I put on and am now back to 4 stone 5lbs (61lbs) lost.

I must also point out that during all my bad food I had terrible constipation which obviously added to the weight gain and I feel that most of the weight I put on was due to that and also water weight.

So here's to a good week and a reduced number next week. Hope you are all well. xx

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  1. well done you for getting back to basics and doing it the right way restricting yourself is a long slippery slope xx Your doing so well im in awe of you i only wish i could kick start myself x