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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Weigh in update 11/08/2011

After getting on the scales this morning I have lost 4lbs this week :) in total that is 3 stone 3lbs or 45lbs since January.

I am so happy about this I thought I would get 2lbs as I had followed the plan 100% all week barring some chocolatey goodness at the cinema last night. I had a tough week sticking to plan as I have been quite upset over the rioting particularly in Manchester and Salford as they are my home cities, I know it wasn't as bad as those in London but it made it feel more real and a lot more unsettling. I actually cried I was that upset and then got angry so cried again. In Manchester it feels as though we have just got the city back after the IRA bombing in 1996. When more people turned out to help clean up than rioted I was again glad to be from Manchester/Salford.

As with most weeks where I have had a good loss I have drank a lot of water and made lots of meals from scratch. I finally got round to making the mushy pea curry and it was lovely! Blog post will follow in a couple of days.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who had looked at my blog in the last few days and all my new followers. This is thanks to Diet Momma (sw) and Sian Slimmingworld who posted my blog link when I asked them too, if any of you are following Slimming World and don't know this two, click on their names and join them, the information they give is invaluable.

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