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Friday, 5 August 2011

July Favourites: Slimming World

What I have loved in the month of July.

Free Food

My favourite fruits, great on their own or chopped up in a fruit salad.
Clementine, Nectarine and Strawberries
Quark is my favourite versatile ingredient it can be used in sweet and savoury dishes.
I have switched from white pasta to wholegrain pasta and it's so much tastier.

Wholegrain pasta
Pickled onions are great in a salad, chucked in a soup or just something to pick at when you open the fridge.

Pickled Onions

 Healthy Extra A

This has to be a staple in the world of losing weight, great on crackers or melted down to make a cheese sauce.
Laughing Cow Light. Five triangles for one healthy extra A choice

Healthy Extra B

I love these crackers they are so light and with an allowance of six it feels really naughty. Top with laughing cow light and tomatoes or use syns for a bit of low fat spread and top with ham and lettuce.
Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread. Six crackers are one healthy extra B


I love these crisps, they are low in syns and taste fantastic, a proper bag of crisps. Very similar to Golden Wonder Lights.
Asda Discs.  4.5 syns each.


I would be lost without vimto.
Vimto. Syn free.

Favourite Recipe 

I have made this a couple of times in July and I love it, it's sweet and squidgy and lovely with a cuppa.
Swiss Roll


  1. ooh vimto syn free !! excellent news well done on your journey so far and thanks for the comments

  2. Vimto was news to me too - hmm haven't had that in donkeys!