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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Weigh in update 04/08/2011

I lost 1lb this week which takes me to 41lb lost (2stone 13lbs) so one away from the elusive 3 stone mark. This week was tough but mainly because I stepped on the stupid scales too much. I really should learn to weigh myself once a week and that's it.

All week my weight was either staying the same or going up so I was really worried about getting a gain so 1lb was a surprise, however, I did want to get 2lbs so I was at 3 stone loss.

Food wise has been really good this week I made all the right choices and really enjoyed some meals, recipes will be coming up soon. Speaking of recipes I was thinking of setting up a new blog with just recipes what does everyone think? I just thought it might be easier for those just interested in recipes and leave this blog for my thoughts, feelings, weigh-ins and non scale victories.

I am still exercising, I know shocker! It's week two of the Lifestyle Change Challenge and I'm loving it, will be finishing my video entry when I get home from work.

On a final note, hope everyone is well and weight loss is going perfectly. As always comments and suggestions welcome.

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