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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Weigh in update: 11th May

This post is a bit late but I have been a bit busy and then blogger was down everytime I tried to get on!

So six days of filming everything I ate resulted in a 4lbs loss :) I am so happy it means I'm back to the weight I was before my Gran died (18th March) it's taken me a long time to get back here and back in the frame of mind for Slimming World but I'm proud that I didn't give up. In the past I would have stopped doing Slimming World after a gain.

I thought I would do a mini review of my week in food.

What I enjoyed the most?

Joes Pork and Herb Sausages, this can be found online they are so gorgeous. Decent sized sausage and the only clue you will find to them being healthier is that the frying pan isn't swimming in grease, they taste amazing.

What I didn't enjoy?
The nights when I got in from work and couldn't be bothered to make anything so had beans for tea

I did enjoy all my food this week, I loved cooking proper homemade meals and enjoyed eating fruit which is unusual for me. I think another thing that helped me was that until Tuesday I had no fizzy drinks and I only ate out once.

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  1. congrats for you loosing your weight again, i have 6 pound to catch up on lol. Have you thought about cooking in bulk and freezing some of your food so you havent got to worry about cooking when you get home from work? xxxx keep it up your doing good