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Friday, 6 May 2011

Weigh in 5th May 2011

Well that didn't go well! I have gained 2lbs and I'm not sure why. I had one bad day at the beginning of the week but have been good since. I went to Chester Zoo on Tuesday and walked around for five hours, I have also done plenty of walking as I've done lots of shopping. I did realise that I hadn't drank as much water as normal. So I'm putting it down to eating things I haven't counted, things I just pick at without thinking what I'm putting into my mouth.

So this is week is 100% on plan, no meals out, no takeaways and no fizzy drinks. I am sticking to sugar free squash, water and tea. I have decided to do a food vlog on my youtube channel, this first you can see below.


The next one will be up later on this evening or tomorrow. I hope you will all check the videos out and point out anything that I am doing wrong. 

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  1. Great hints on the branded free food, will be getting myself some of that gammon, looks lovely. Good luck this week.