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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Growing my own salad!

So, last year I got all green-fingered and decided to grow my own vegetables and salad. I attempted salad leaves, potatoes, carrots, spring onions and courgettes.

My courgettes never made it past being small seedlings, my potatoes didn't taste as good as I wanted plus for the work I didn't get many, the carrots and spring onions also failed.

However, the salad leaves were great and so easy. I grew them in a hanging basket and also a small pot, perfect for my tiny garden. So this year I'm doing the same so got myself a packet of seeds from Asda 

They contain four packets of seeds: Land Cress, Lettuce Salad Bowl Greena and Red, Rocket and Spinach Viking. For a £1 I'm going to be able to have fresh salad leaves throughout the summer and considering just a bad of salad can cost more than a £1 then this is bargain an so incredibly easy to do!

Are any of you growing your own food?


  1. Awesome. I got all green-fingered last summer after I moved into a ground floor flat with a garden and started growing strawberries, sweet bell peppers, chives and mint. I used lots of chives and mint, and I managed to eat one of the strawberries before the animals crushed them.

    The problem I would have with growing salad leaves is bugs. I wouldn't want to use pesticides but I had blackfly or something all over some of my plants last year. That sort of thing really puts me off!

    Anyway my mint is still growing, I fear everything else was killed off over the harsh winter... :(

  2. I didn't have too many problems with creepy crawlies in my salad leaves but don't think it would bother me, there's nothing much that puts me off my food unfortunately!