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Thursday, 14 April 2011


So I have been really struggling the past few weeks, in fact I've not really done anything to contribute to losing any weight. So here I am 3lbs heavier than I was four weeks ago, my target completely out of the window. So instead of this being a 'poor me, I'm so rubbish' post I'm going to explore what I've found out over the past four weeks.

1. I feel rubbish, I didn't think healthy eating was making me feel that much better, well, I knew it was a bit but didn't realise just how much difference it makes!

2. I cannot say no to food and still make bad choices when they are available.

3. I can't keep blaming everyday life events for my failures

So number one is obvious to everyone, that is, everyone but me. I am ready to start feeling better and knowing I'm making a differnce to my body.

Number twoI think I knew I would fail on this. I went to a conference at work and the breakfast was buffet style so I could have chosen wisely and had cereal and fruit or even pushed the boat out and had a continental style breakfast using my Healthy Exta A and Healthy Extra B. But no I choose to have sausage, egg, beans and black pudding with two slices of white bread all three mornings.

Number three is I have to realise the things I blame for me falling off the waggon are normal, a death of a grandparent is something most of us experience and the death of someone close is something everyone experiences at some point or another. Another thing that made me go off track was having my period I used this as an excuse to overindulge to make me feel less crappy, again this is something all women have to do. I went away with work, again another thing a lot of people do without going crazy over the buffet.

When away with work the keynote speech was by a guy who was so inspirational and used the word S.U.M.O which stands for shut up and move on which is exactly what I need to do. I need to shut up with my excuses and move on to become fab. If you get chance check out the website for the guy we had the keynote speech from as it has some of his videos on there and even though you don't get the full message like you would seeing the whole thing it will make you laugh and think


  1. thank you for sharing this with us... you need to kick yourself up the bum lol....
    you will get back on track soon. xxxxxx

  2. Great post Gemma! You can do it! Just realize that we all have bumps in the road and it's normal. But giving up is not an option! You wouldn't forgive yourself if you did that, anyway. I have faith in you.

  3. People do die all the time, but it impossible to say "Oh, people die all the time, loads of people loose their... I should just get over it" but it's not that simple. You never know how you're going to react to a death, whether you see it coming or not. I thought I was ok with death. After my brother died it just seemed to stop affecting me so badly.

    When my mum died I thought I'd be ok. I had just kept on going throughout her illness, because I was needed, even after she died I had to sort out the funeral and all that. Then I realised that a massive chunk of me truly died with her and I went through all those things like overeating and not taking care of myself at all. I think when you hurt so bad, you just want immediate gratification over long term things. You just have to find a way to cope, but each time it's different.

    Sometimes a diet alone won't do it. You might need to get counselling or anti depressants if your relationship with food is spurred on by your mood. I was prescribed Orlistat at one point but didn't get on well with it. Most importantly exercise as much as you can, make it as fun as possible (like sex, dancing or playing XBOX Kinect or something on the Wii) go for walks so you aren't in the house eating out of boredom. Boredom is my worst enemy.

    And get rid of all temptation. Don't give yourself unhealthy options if you know you're going to take them.

    You can do it, don't give up.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my post, and for being so honest on your blog. It is a real help for me to know other people are working through the obstacles of life and slimming, especially when all you want to do is hide in a darkened room with a big bar of something naughty.

    I was impressed by the photos of your weight loss and you could definitely see a difference, keep it up... and don't beat yourself up about a slip, we all have them, remember that the only difference between success and failure is knowing not to give up.