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Sunday, 10 April 2011

100 Things about me

I saw this doing the rounds on Twitter a few weeks ago and thought it would make a great blog post so here goes and well done if you make it through the whole hundred

  1. I make opinions on people very quickly when meeting them 
  2. I wish I’d done a different degree 
  3. I don’t know what I’d do without my family 
  4. Meeting Matchbox 20 was great although Rob Thomas was a bit of a disappointment, but he’s hot so he can be forgiven  
  5. I LOVE people falling over and think it’s the funniest thing ever!  
  6. I have a massive crush on David Coverdale of Whitesnake  
  7. I really want 4 children 
  8. I’m crap at keeping secrets 
  9. I hate being an adult its sucks 
  10. I don’t know my left from my right and can only tell because I have freckle on my little finger on my left hand 
  11. Because my Mum and Dad were born on the same day and same year when I was little I thought I had to marry someone who was born on the same day as me 
  12. I hate Yorkshire (rugby league related!) and when driving on the M62 I stick my fingers up at the white rose and cheer coming back past the red rose 
  13. I hate dogs, I think they are disgusting creatures 
  14. I support Salford City Reds and went to my first game in 1988  
  15. I did an introduction to holistic therapy course and think that’s the career path I would like if I could afford the training
  16. I have my tongue pierced 
  17. I busted my ankle ligaments whilst drunk at 17 and I feel guilty that Suze blames herself for the fall and busting my ankle as I think it was me.
  18. Tequila makes me ill
  19. I love Jonathan more than he thinks I do
  20. I cannot stop listening to Adam Lambert’s Aftermath Billboard remix
  21. I wish I had self control when it comes to food
  22. I think Peter Kay and Lee Evans are hilarious
  23. I won’t ever tire of watching Friends reruns
  24. For the first time ever I haven’t wanted to live in the UK
  25. I wish I was better at keeping in contact with friends
  26. I wish I’d discovered Def Leppard earlier in my life
  27. I’m scared of dying
  28. I’m scared of not being able to have children
  29. I would like it very much if I didn’t age for a couple of years so I can sort my life out before I turn 30
  30. When I worked at Tesco I served James Nesbit (from Cold Feet) he was so lovely
  31. I am extremely disappointed that Robbie is back in Take That, however, I’m still very excited for the tour
  32. I think I was the only person not to like Take That’s Circus tour
  33. I am very proud of getting my degree in Social Policy and Public Relations even though it was only a 2:2
  34. The holiday I had with the girls when I was 17 to Ayia Napa, Cyprus is one of the best two weeks of my life.
  35. I love going to Spa’s and getting pampered
  36. I’m great at baking cakes
  37. I think a lot of people don’t deserve to be on state benefits and resent that the tax I pay goes to fund some people who simply cannot be bothered to work
  38. However, I realise this isn’t always the case and that there are some genuine people on state benefits.
  39. I am beyond worried that I won’t be able to afford the mortgage on my house once interest rates begin to rise
  40. I hate being 5’10 and would rather be around 5’6
  41. My middle two toes on my left foot are webbed, so was my Grandad’s and also my sisters
  42. I can’t help it but I really like Katie Price and sometimes admire her
  43. I am forever spending the millions that I am going to win on the lottery someday
  44. I would love to write a book but I haven’t got the patience or any original ideas
  45. I have one sister and two brothers, all younger than me. 
  46. I used to hate being the oldest but kinda like it now.
  47. I regret losing contact with my best friend for 5 years, we are back in contact now thanks to Facebook but it won’t ever be the same as I missed her wedding and the birth of her child
  48. I am going to my first ever wedding in June
  49. I’m a Libra born in October
  50. I have never tried drugs and sometimes feel I’m missing out because I haven’t
  51. I have a serious problem with buying make-up and once I’m slim I think clothes and shoes will take over
  52. I really hate hot weather and it makes me want to punch people who say ‘what a lovely day‘ when it’s really hot 
  53. I get prickly heat when it’s hot
  54. I’m blonde but would rather be a brunette
  55. The thing that makes me laugh more than anything else is people falling over 
  56. So much so me and my friends send each other fall vibes and update each other on any falls that have happened
  57. I’m quarter Welsh
  58. I’ve got a Scottish £5 in my purse and whenever this happens I panic about shops not accepting this even though it’s still £5 sterling
  59. It baffles me how no matter what time and which Asda I go in it’s always packed out with people who have bad shopping trolley etiquette
  60. I’m not religious but sometimes feel it would give me some comfort if I was
  61. After watching Junior Doctors on BBC 3 I would like to be a Doctor
  62. I don’t get the obsession with Adele her voice really grates on my nerves
  63. My Dad recently found out he had an older half sister he didn’t know of resulting in me gaining 4 new cousins.
  64. I’m more of a listener than a talker
  65. I’ve been with my boyfriend almost 7 years and lived together for 5 years
  66. I wish I had bigger boobs
  67. I love fizzy drinks so much but worry about what it’s doing to my teeth
  68. Last year I grew my own potatoes, the excitement wore off when they tasted just like all other potatoes. I wanted them to be more special.
  69. I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  70. I’m allergic to plasters so is my Dad and 3 siblings
  71. I love having blue eyes
  72. I could listen to David Coverdale talk all day; he seems so intelligent and full of great stories.
  73. I would like to get married but don’t think Jonathan will ever ask me
  74. I find Russell Brand strangely attractive
  75. I also find Seth Rogan strangely attractive
  76. My worse job ever was working in a factory packing stir fry mixes. I always came home smelling of onions
  77. I make a cheesecake which is beyond awesome and tastes better than any other I’ve tried. Thanks Mr Oliver!
  78. I am very protective of my siblings and sometimes this can lead them not to like me, especially where their partners are concerned
  79. My best friends are Andrea, Ice (sister) and Claire
  80. I would rather have a night in that a night out
  81. When me, Ice and Claire go to Pizza Hut we always order the same pizza – large stuffed crust margarita with goats cheese and chicken
  82. My favourite alcoholic drink is disoronno with diet coke
  83. I wish I was more outgoing
  84. I have dodgy eyelashes on right eye, they curl right back on themselves
  85. I love visiting Cyprus and would go every year if I could afford it
  86. I miss being in high school
  87. I wish I’d made more of my time at university
  88. I love the band Skin and think they deserve to be more well known
  89. I have a friend online who I’ve spoken to for about 7 years
  90. I have 20 cousins but don’t have much contact with them apart from over Facebook
  91. My Gran was one of my best friends and I’m struggling to get over her death
  92. One of my favourite past times in looking at houses to buy particularly ones I can’t and won’t ever be able to afford. I currently have my eye on a £3million one!
  93. I like eating my food with teaspoons
  94. I hold my knife and fork in the wrong hands
  95. I love Christmas
  96. I cry at a lot of things, the most random ones being a programme on Concord and not getting my Christmas tree looking right.
  97. I have started to enjoy the internet again since I began blogging and making youtube videos
  98. I love going to local beauty spots and taking pictures
  99. I love going into the bargain shops
100. Doing this has made me realise how boring I am!

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