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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Exercise, my week and other ramblings

I have had a really bad few days with eating and have really binged so I am really dreading weigh-in this week, in fact, if I went to a group I wouldn't be going. I had a very binge filled Saturday and a slightly better Sunday and Monday, today I have done well but I fear not enough to undo my weekend damage.

So, I gave in and did some  proper exercise! I did 30 minutes on Just Dance 2 and got a proper sweat on. I felt energised so I woke up my boyfriend and we went swimming. After recovering from the shock of it costing £3.40 to go swimming I did 20 lengths which is 500 metres. I can't remember the last time I went swimming so I was pretty chuffed with my 20 lengths. I am going to try and go once a week and improve on my lengths each time. I a a pretty slow swimmer and sometimes it felt like I wasn't moving at all.

Please visit my competition blog post to win a £20 gift voucher. This is now open to everyone not just those in the UK. The kind people at CSN said they would convert the £20 into other currencies.

I am cooking for my friend and sister tomorrow night and I've decided to do chicken wrapped in bacon with a bbq sauce, topped with cheese and I will serve it with salad and wedges. They both want to lose some weight and I am going to give them the information for Slimming World, they both only have a small amount to lose compared to me, probably about 21lbs. If they decide to do the diet I am going to see if they would like to contribute to my blog and my youtube channel.

Speaking of youtube I now have 58 subscribers which is more than I could have hoped for, the people in the weightloss community are fabulous and have given me so much support and the best thing is it's free. However, I don't like the feeling of letting people down who have given me so much support since January but I really feel I needed the binge over the weekend and a mini breakdown to put things into perspective and remember what I am doing this for, my boyfriend was really great at my mini breakdown and for the first time said he was proud of what I've lost so far and he knows I can do it.

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