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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Some bit's I picked up from shopping

I picked up these items in my local B&M bargains. The stir fry sauces were 39p and the soup was 20p. I have worked out the syns for these using the 20 calories = 1 syn rule when there is no free food present.

Chow Mein stir fry sauce 2 1/2 syns per half a packet (60g)

Sweet Soy with garlic and ginger stirfry sauce 2 1/2 syns per half a packet (60g)
I'm looking foward to trying these with some noodles, prawns and vegetables.
Ten calorie tomato soup, 6 sachets. 1/2 syn per sachet
I thought this soup would be handy for taking to work or having alongside a sandwich, I'm hoping it tastes good so I can go stock up as 20p for 6 cup-a-soups is really good value

1 comment:

  1. Those soups would be handy for work for me too, think i'll try and nip into b&m's today.