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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sorry for neglecting the blog

As the title says sorry for neglecting the blog, I have been extremely busy with work, however from tomorrow I have a week off to expect more posts and reviews. I have also been working on an article piece for the blog so that should be finished in the next few days. 

On the diet front things are still going well I have tried to vary my diet a bit and eat more vegetables. I did my first ever cooking video Chicken stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon served on a bed of rice and green beans, you can see it here, any criticism is gratefully received. I do realise I need a better tripod I currently have a mini one which is fine for videos but not so great for cooking videos any recommendations? The meal itself was absolutely gorgeous just what I needed after a long shift at work. The plate is very full of food, I am following Slimming World which allows you to have unlimited 'free food' which the whole plate was plus a healthy extra for the cheese. Allowing myself a generous serving means I don't have the urge to snack on unhealthy foods. I will do a blog post with the recipe soon and also add some of the pictures I took. 

It's my weigh-in tomorrow and I'm hopeful that I have lost again; actually I'm looking forward to stepping on them scales. I am still a little too embarrassed of my weight to share what I weigh but in a few months I hope to start sharing then pictures of weigh-in, although the weight will still be embarrassing I know that I will be losing it. 

Anyways, happy slimming and keep up the good work.

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