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Friday, 28 January 2011

Last few days food diary

This is my updates food diary I will enter the last few days on this blog post. Sorry for the delay!

·                     (F) = free food
·                     (HExA) = Healthy Extra A
·                     (HExB) = Healthy Extra B
·                     (1,2 etc) = Syn values 

23/01/2011 Green Day

Breakfast: Beans (F), 2 slices of Weight Watchers brown danish (HExB), 2 Laughing Cow light triangles (HExA), shape 0% yoghurt (F)

Dinner: Beef savoury rice (F) and carrots (F)

Tea: Pasta (F), tomatoes (F), mushroom (F), pepper (F) with a cheese sauce made from Laughing Cow Light triangles x5 (HExA), milk (3), mustard powder (F) and chives (F)

Snacks: 2 Alpen Light bars (HExB), grapes, Weight Watchers corn bites (4.5), orange

Total syns: 7.5

24/01/2011 Green Day

Breakfast: Beans (F), scrambled egg (F), 2 slices of Weight Watchers brown danish (HExB)

Dinner: Smash instant mash (F), peas (F) and gravy made with one oxo cube (F)

Teas: 2 slices Weight Watchers Danish brown (HExB), ham (2), tomatoes (F), Laughing Cow light triangles x3 (HExA) and cous cous (F) flavoured with chicken Oxo cube (F)

Snacks: French Fries (4.5), grapes (F), orange (F)

Total syns: 7.5

25/01/2011 Extra Easy Day

Breakfast: beans (F), bacon (F), egg (F), quorn sausage (F) and mushrooms (F)

Dinner: Chicken savoury rice (1), tomatoes (F), pepper (F),cucumber (F) and ham (F)

Tea: beans (F), egg (F), quorn sausage (F), mushroom (F) and tomatoes (F)

Snacks: grapes(F), kiwi (F), French Fries (4.5)

Total syns: 4.5

26/01/2011 Extra Easy Day

Breakfast: Quorn sausage (F), beans (F), bacon (F) and egg (F)

Dinner: Ham (F), pepper (F), tomatoes (F), cucumber (F) and 42g Feta cheese (HExA)

Tea: Mackerel (F), 3 slices Weight Watchers danish brown bread (HExB), butter (3)

Snacks: Grapes (F), Kiwi (F), 2x Activia fat free yoghurts, French Fries (4.5), Alpen Light (3.5)

Total Syns: 11

27/01/2011 Extra Easy Day

Breakfast: 3 slices of Weight Watches Brown Danish (HExB), 4 Laughing Cow light triangles (HExA), slices tomatoes (F), ham (F)

Dinner: Chicken Chasseur(8), potatoes (F), Cabbage (F) and Carrots (F)

Tea: Fruit Salad

Snacks: Alpen Light (3.5), orange, apple

Total Syns: 11.5

Typing up the last few days menu all at once made me realise I need to look at varying my diet as I am eating the same things and I don’t want to get bored of what I’m eating as I am more likely to fail. So for the next week I am going to try and eat cereal for breakfast. I am also going to get some variation in the fruits that I eat as I have eaten a lot of grapes this week.

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