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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I lost weight :) and my goals

Weigh-in day and I've lost again, this week I am down another 4 pounds so that's 11 in total and just 3 pounds away from a stone. 

I have started think about goals that I would like to reach, because I have a lot to lose it's a bit daunting thinking about the end goal so I have set myself three goal weights for the rest of 2011.

  • Lose 4 stone (56lbs) by the 18th June - my friend is getting married on this date and I haven't seen her for ages so would like to look as best I can and get a nice outfit. It will also be the first wedding I've been too!
  • My next goal goes from 18th June until 16th October (my birthday) and I would like to lose 35lbs which is 2lbs a week
  • Final goal is my Christmas weight, there is exactly 10 weeks between my birthday and Christmas and again I am aiming for 2lb loss each week so that is another 20lbs
So when all added up I would like to aim for a loss of 111lbs for 2011 which is just less than 8 stones.

I have other goals but are not time specific these are:
  • To shop in a normal shop and not have to head to the plus size section
  • To go the amusement parks again and not panic about not fitting in the seats
  • To try being a brunette
  • To have a baby
  • To decide on a career path 
I would like to hear everyone else's goals, please leave a comment or link to your blog post on this. 

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