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Sunday, 13 February 2011

I lost weight :) but then had a bad weekend :(

So, this post is a bit late and is coming 3 days after my weigh in. This week I lost 5lbs which brings my total to 16lbs, however as I said in my video I have been sick this week and had a couple of days not eating which I know contributed to my weight loss and knew I had to be careful to not put any weight on and ensure that I still had a loss in the coming week.

So knowing all this, have I been sensible? Well, no I haven't and I'm really kicking myself over it now. I wen out on Saturday night as it's my sister's birthday today and did relatively well with my alcohol, I stuck to disaronno and diet coke and had one cherry sourz and diet coke. So after the alcohol I knew I was over my syn allowance but wasn't too worried as I had steered clear of wine, beer and cider all night. However, I went into the takeaway at the end of the night and had a cheeseburger and shared chips and garlic bread with cheese with my friends. When I woke up Sunday morning I was so disappointed with myself and am now worrying over a big gain on Thursday.

As it's my sister's birthday today we were going to go out for dinner (lunch) so I knew wherever she choose I could control this by having a salad or something that was predominantly vegetables. However, she has now decided she wants to have an Indian takeaway in the evening.

So, now I am going to plan what I will have and stick to it. Looking through my Slimming World information I have decided to do my own boiled rice (free) and have a lamb or chicken rogan josh (6.5syns for 360g) I will miss the naan bread and poppadoms but I need to make sure I'm on track for this week.

These are the times I hate most with diets when I have messed up and can't fully enjoy celebrations with my family and friends as most of the celebrations revolve around food and alcohol. Does anyone else struggle with birthday celebrations?

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  1. well done on the loss, your doing great!
    We were only talking about flexi syns in class last night. Special occasions are rare and you might as well enjoy them as they will always be there. Set yourself an upper limit or say 50 syns and once you reach it stop. That way you still have the mind set that you are still on plan and wont feel the urge to say ' oh well too late' and go on a 3 day bender! lol Good Luck for your weigh in this week x