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Monday, 24 January 2011

Harvest Morn less than 70 calories Chocolate Orange bar

Today I thought I would review one of the new products that I have tried, the Harvest Morn less that 70 kcals cereal bar in Chocolate Orange. This product can be bought from Aldi for £1.29 for this you will get 6 bars each weight 21g. 
The packaging

Each bar comes wrapped

The product is described as cereal bars with rice and wheat flakes, oats, dried apple, sweetened orange peel and chocolate flakes drizzled with a chocolate flavoured coating. The pictures below will show you what the bar looks like.

The bar looks like most cereal bars and you can see all the rice and wheat flakes and oats which is what most of the bar consists of. The chocolate flavoured drizzled doesn't cover much of the surface of the bar, but I guess anymore would put the calories up. 

Nutritional information per bar is as follows:

If you are following the Slimming World plan these bars work out at 3 syns.

Now onto the taste. The orange of the bar is the prominent flavour of the bar and for me it is a lot sweeter than what I would like. I feel they could have used unsweetened orange peel to give it more of a bitter citrus taste. The top ingredient of this product is oligofructose syrup which I figured was the reason the bars are so sweet. I googled it as I had never heard of it before, please see this link to read what it is. I couldn't find any negative articles.

The less than 70 calories cereal bars also come in Apple and Sultana.

This bar controlled my craving for something sweet, however, for me it didn't hit the spot like chocolate does but at 3 syns it is extremely good value. I am going to try the others to see if they are less sweet.

Please see ingredients and allergy information below. 

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