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Monday, 24 January 2011

Shopping Haul: Aldi and Asda

I went shopping today and this is what I picked up. I first went to Asda and got:

3 packs of quorn sausages £1 each
2 packs of Activia fat free yoghurt £1 each
4 packs of Laughing Cow light triangles 50p each
Wholewheat fusilli pasta shapes 74p

I then went to Aldi and got:

Bacon £2.49
Cooked ham £1.79
Sesame crisp breads 59p
Feta cheese £1.29
Peppermint tea 99p
Low fat cottage cheese69p
Wholemeal bread £1.09
Chocolate orange cereal bars £1.29
Baked beans 29p each
Kidney beans 19p
Skimmed milk 49p
Chicken breasts £3.99
Savoury rice 39p each

Red grapes 500g £.1.49
Vine tomatoes 450g 69p each
Kiwi's x8 69p
Cauliflower 99p
Green beans 250g 69p

Mushrooms 350g 79p
Red chillies 45p
Onions 1kg 59p
Peppers £1.29

I spent £7.74 in  Asda and £29.60 in Aldi which included washing up liquid (85p), a lock and seal container (£1.79), 2 bottles of lemonade (39p each) and a carton of orange juice (62p) for my boyfriend. 

I would really recommend shopping in Aldi their fruit and veg are outstanding value as are their meats. I don't enjoy shopping in Asda as it's always so busy but at the moment they do have some really good offers on. Those of you doing Slimming World need to stock up on Quorn sausages and Laughing Cow triangles. 

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