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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Food Diary: 22/01/2011


Here is my completed food diary from yesterday. I am still on my nightshifts so my day is still 'upside-down'
  • F) = free food
  • (HExA) = Healthy Extra A
  • (HExB) = Healthy Extra B
  • (1,2 etc) = Syn values 
    Breakfast:  Quorn sausage(F), beans(F), egg (F)and mushroom (F), 3 slices of WW brown danish (HExB)

    Dinner: Beef savoury rice (F) 

    Tea: Spaghetti bacon and mushroom ( bacon  28g (3),  Parmesan cheese (HExA), egg (F), mushroom (F), Pepper (F))
    Snacks: yoghurt (F) and Alpen Light bar (HExB), cherries, sugar free jelly (1), 2 slices of WW bread (HExB) with egg and ketchup (2)

    Total syns: 6

    Again today I feel I have done well just a lack of vegetable as I have none left at home so will do some shopping later today if I can stay awake if not I will go Monday morning straight from work. I hate it when I finish at 8.30am on a Sunday morning and I am unable to go shopping as all the shops are shut until 10 or 11am. 

    Hope you are all ok and diets are going well. I am going to try and update this everyday.

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