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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Food Diary 21/01/2011


I thought I would enter my menu's for the past couple of days. Once I am off my nights I will be taking more pictures of food to add to the blog. 

  • (F) = free food
  • (HExA) = Healthy Extra A
  • (HExB) = Healthy Extra B
  • (1,2 etc) = Syn values

21st January
Breakfast: Quorn sausage(F), baked beans(F), two rashers of bacon with all fat cut off (HExB), 3 slices of Weight Watchers Brown Danish (HExB)  with 2 laughing cow light triangles (HExA) with a cup of tea 1 sugar (1)

Snack: Grapes(F)

Dinner: Mild cheese and broccoli pasta 'n' sauce (1.5) and Alpen Light bar (3)

Tea: Spaghetti bacon and mushroom ( bacon  28g (3),  Parmesan cheese (HExA), egg (F), mushroom (F), Pepper (F)) I will do a video and blog post for this recipe in the future as it's yummy

Snacks: Weight Watchers corn bacon bites (4)

Total syns: 12.5

I felt this day went well I didn't go over my allowance however didn't have enough fruit and vegetables. I find when working nights I just want quick things so tend to go for the syn free or low syn packets of rice or pasta.

I have still got my tea to have today so I will update food diary tomorrow.

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