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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First night shift on diet and new scales


Hope everyone who reads this is doing ok. It's currently 3.39am and I don't finish work till 9am.

I am going to try and upload a new video tonight whilst at work, this is from my shopping trip on Tuesday. I bought a new pair of scales from boots costing £25.53. See pictures below.

I decided to get these because they were compact and Salter is a good make of scales.

I am unsure how much weight I have lost but have lost an inch off my hips and a 1/2 inch off my waist in the last week and people have commented that I look like I have lost weight.

I have now weighed myself on the new scales and will add this to the 2lb I lost in my first week when my scales appeared to have been working.However, I do weigh heavier on these scales. To check the accuracy of them I asked my Dad to weigh himself as he had been weighed at the hospital on the 12th January, he was 14stone 8lbs at the hospital and 14stone 5lbs on my scales. It is possible he has lost 3lbs since the 12th January but I feel these are now accurate enough. When I weighed myself I did my starting weight three times and each time it was the same.

My night shifts are what I have been worried about because I usually stock up on sugary and high fat snacks to get me through, my favourites being chocolate biscuits with cups of tea and salt and vinegar crisps.Sometimes I would feel so sick after eating them but would still continue to do so. No wonder my energy levels are so low. My job involves doing site patrols so I have made sure I do more of these as I get my exercise in from the walking.

Tonight's food is a mullerlight vanilla yoghurt, a punnet of grapes (red and white) and an alpen light cereal bar. If you are on Slimming World I highly recommend the alpen light bars, two of these are one healthy extra choice B and come in: Chocolate and fudge; Apple and Sultana; Chocolate and Orange and Summer Fruits. I have never seen the Chocolate and Orange ones in any shop but of the other three my favourite is Summer Fruits, I have included a picture below.

Each bar contains less that 70 calories
I have also began to drink more water as this was recommend on Youtube by mszeineb and my skin has started to clear up, here I am on Youtube having a moan about the spots.

Hope your diets are going well.


  1. I really want a new scale as well but since mine is still working I don't really have an excuse to buy a new one. Could you please do a review on the new one you got and let me know if you recommend it! thanks <3

  2. I will do a review of them once I've used them for a few weeks. Thanks for commenting.