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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lies fat people tell

A bit of a random post but after a conversation I had with a security guard at work it got me thinking of the lies that fat people tell. First I will tell you a bit of a background to this particular security guard, lets call him Bob! Bob is in his early twenties and when I patrol with him or go out for a natter when I am bored he tells a string of lies from how many women he's 'smashed' to how much exercise he does. You may think how do I know he lies, simple answer is he is really big, he changes girlfriend at least a couple of times a month and he works a lot (12 hour shifts five days a week) My bugbear with him is the exercise and weight lies he tells me. If he was eating what he said he was and exercising as much as he said he was he would be a healthy weight. He has actually told me he weighs 15 stone (210lbs) so still overweight but at a guess I would put him nearer 10 20 stone (280lbs)

Tonight he told the most unbelievable story he has ever told me bar one! He said he had a personal trainer who had asked him about what he eats he told him he usually has one meal a day which is a chicken curry and other times he snacks on fruit. So his personal trainer told him he wasn't getting enough protein or fat in his diet- lets not forget the fact he isn't eating enough, carbohydrates, fibre etc. So the personal trainers advice? Well it was to eat a packet of crisps so this is what he ate on the patrol I did with him, a packet of salt and vinegar McCoys.

These will set you back 165 calories, 9.8g fat, 1.2g saturated fat, 2.1g of protein 0.3g sugar and 0.8g of salt.

Now I may be overweight and not a personal trainer but it is glaringly obvious that this is pure rubbish falling from his mouth once again. The stories he has told me are just ridiculous, he also does this with a colleague of mine we sometimes get the same story but slightly different. Now, he is a nice guy but I seriously worry for him if this is the type of stuff he tells everyone.

So the lies I have told before losing weight.

1. When living at university I always said I didn't understand why I put weight on when my housemate didn't as we ate together most days, the truth was I would eat secretly in my room or in between lectures when she wasn't there.

2. I don't eat that much

3. I'm happy being fat.

What lies did you tell before losing weight?


  1. well done you, for being so commited to your weight loss...
    really love your blog, I am sure its really inspiring to lots of people.... keep up the good work... I am your newest follower!
    Greets from Ireland,
    xxx Marina

    1. Thank you for following my blog it means a lot that people bother to read and comment.

  2. Haha, wow. That guy is seriously deluded if he thinks the answer lies in a bag of crisps !
    As for telling myself lies, I dont really do it. I have however been heavy and didnt really care about it. its not like I was telling myself im fat but fine with it, its just that i could have cared less.
    Obviously thats all changed now :)

  3. The big change with me is that I have actually admitted my weight to myself and others… For years I kept my weight top secret and I wouldn’t even let the Slimming World consultant write it in the back of my book in case it fell open and people saw. Obviously it’s still something I am pretty private about, but Steven and my mum now know what level my weight got to and I now allow my Slimming World consultant to write the figure down. I wouldn’t just tell anybody and I would never publish it online, but the fact that I have admitted it to myself and the people closest to me has made a difference. It’s like I have finally faced my problem.

  4. Also, sometimes people lie when they fancy people and they are trying to impress them... Maybe Bob has a crush? ...I'm just putting it out there! ;o) x