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Friday, 6 January 2012

Weigh in 05/01/2012

Weigh in this week was good because I have managed to lose 5lbs which means all Christmas weight is gone and I only have to lose another lb until I  am where I was in the middle of December. I expected the weight to come off quickly as I didn't believe I'd gained much fat (apart from round my face!) I have eaten really well, although not completely on the Slimming World plan as I have been having two healthy extra B's on extra easy instead of one I have eaten plenty of super free foods and drank a lot more water.

Next weeks plans are to finally get onto my bike, I have no idea how far or for how long I can ride but I am hoping that it will start to make the fat fall off quicker.

Hope you are all doing well, I have quite a few blog posts I want to write and I am off until Thursday so expect lots of good stuff!


  1. Great to hear your gonna get the bike out XD
    Seriously, if you get more activity like biking, your weight will just melt off of you. That I promise :)

  2. Great loss, Gemma! Good luck with the bike :)