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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Food Diary 17th and 18th January 2012

These are my last two days of completing my food diary on here.



Two weetabix with semi skimmed milk


 Lasagne, garlic bread and salad.

Review of the day

Not great! I didn't eat a lot during the day as I went to my friends house where she cooked lasagne and garlic bread. It was her first time cooking a meal for us in her house she has just bought with her boyfriend so as it was a celebration I didn't want to impose my Slimming World requirements onto her, however, I do need to stop messing about with this losing weight thing so in the future I think I will offer to cook or take things round to my friends houses. I could have also said no to garlic bread which would have made this less bad!


Today was a green day, it was also my first night shift so excuse the amount of food I was awake for 26 hours!


Beans on toast


Mild Cheese and Broccoli pasta 'n' sauce with extra broccoli


Instant mash, two fried eggs and beans


Cabury's Flake

Dinner number 2

Two meat free burgers and chicken savoury rice and salad


Grapes, packet of quavers and greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of honey.

I also had some shredded wheat when I got in from work before bedtime!

Review of the day

This isn't as bad as what it can sometimes be on my first night shift, being up for a lot of hours and the depression of going to work on the first of seven shifts usually drives me to get ready made sandwiches and a couple of chocolate bars.


  1. All in all its not too bad Gem, but I understand how you feel about the lasagne and the garlic bread. They can be very high in fat and calories :/

  2. Garlic bread is always a weakness for me when I have Lasagne.

  3. When I go off plan and have something really naughty, I revert back to calories for that day. This is how I would look at it:

    There is approximately 250 calories in two Wheetabix and skimmed milk. If you’d then gone to Weatherspoons and had a lasagne and garlic bread then you would have eaten 877 calories (624 calories for the lasagne and 253 for the garlic bread). Now, I bet Claire’s lasagne and garlic bread was healthier than the Weatherspoons version, so that’s probably an exaggeration on what you actually ate. (I am presuming Claire is the friend, just call me Inspector Morse, lol).

    Anyway, the most you will have consumed in that day, based on your food diary is 1,127 calories -- which would be classed as completely fine if you were following a calorie controlled diet. Sometimes life makes following the Slimming World plan to the letter virtually impossible, but I think you did a pretty good job! So well done!