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Friday, 16 December 2011

Weigh in update 08/12/11 and 15/12/11

So I haven't updated my weigh in for a couple of weeks, sorry!! I  maintained last week and lost 1lb this week, it takes my total loss to 4 stone 9lbs (65lbs) I haven't really been sticking to Slimming World just trying to eat 3 meals a day and do less snacking. My heart is still not completely in it at the moment but I am glad that I am not putting on weight.

I have had a couple of non scale victories (NSV) in the past two weeks! Number one is that I went to see Whitesnake and was standing, now usually during a gig my back, legs and knees hurt this time they didn't I had loads of energy to dance and was able to stay out late and walk back to the hotel. I compared this to the last time I saw Whitesnake in June and I remember that I was very uncomfortable then and I was also 2 stone 4lbs (32lbs) heavier. I always enjoy gigs but this will be the one I remember that I wasn't uncomfortable and that it was a big milestone in my weightloss. Some pictures from the gig are below, I am now entering another phase of being obsessed with David Coverdale!!

My second NSV is that I bought a new winter coat in four sizes smaller than last winter and not only that that it only cost me a tenner from Tesco!

Even though I haven't lost a lot of weight recently I have some really great NSV! 


  1. Thats an amazing loss though. I've been so bad, I know I've slid back from my 42lb off since I've not been well. Ooops. But seriously well done you!

  2. Great NSVs!! I also love the pics too. I bet that gig rocked!