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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Weigh in 30/11/11

Weigh in was yesterday and I lost 1lb! I am fine with this as I have not been on plan fully. I am struggling to stay focussed at the moment, for those of you that follow me on Youtube will have already heard what I am about to write!

I think my illness the other week has really taken it out of me and I haven't really had time to really take time out to just chill out and relax, looking ahead it's going to be Christmas Day before I have chance to relax (thanks Mum!)

I am getting fed up with the whole weight loss thing I am not a person that usually sticks with things as I get bored easily so spending a year losing weight is a massive achievement for me, in fact doing anything for any length of time is a good thing for me. I think some of my fedupness (yes it is a word!) has come from the fact I have lost a lot of weight and I am still FAT! This then leads me to get annoyed with myself for putting on such a huge amount of weight in the first place and then I begin to pick the year apart and get annoyed with not being further along in my journey. The rational, sane me knows that this wasn't ever going to be an easy and quick thing but the person inside me who is impatient and prone to tantrums is definitely fed up!

Anyways, enough of the depressive stuff I am off to Lincoln Christmas Market tomorrow which I am very excited about as it will definitely start off the Christmas season with a bang. Is anyone else off to any Christmas Markets?


  1. Don't put yourself down, I watched your Youtube channel for the first time the other day and was amazed by how much you have changed, your looking more amazing by the day - and anyway losing weight slower is much better for you, less chance of being left with loads of saggy skin you don't want.

    Your an inspiration, why not put some new photos on here and compare them to the old ones, I bet you will be amazed by the difference, so will all your followers!

    Keep it up, every lb counts and you will achieve your goal!

  2. Congratulations on the loss. I know what you mean about being fed up with losing weight, i've been there, done that, nearly chucked it all away but i'm so glad I continued.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Know how you feel Gemma, a whole year of changing your eating habits is tough. Hope you're getting on OK this month - probably the hardest month to diet in!!


  4. I know what you mean about losing weight and still being fat. I unfortunately am in that camp myself. The key for us to remember is that we are not as fat as we were!! I wanted to let you know I just followed your blog, and would love to see you on YT if you let me know your user name. I didn't see a link here, but I probably missed it. I also replied to your comment on my blog.