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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Weigh in update 05/10/2011

Sorry for the late post but here goes I lost 4lbs this week :-) This takes my total to 4 stone 3lbs (59lbs) I was so happy to get a good loss but knew it was coming due to having a really good week on plan. I have one week left on my birthday challenge and have 2lbs to lose which I can do, however, I am worried that because I had a big loss this week I could only get a small loss or maintain this week. Whatever happens I am proud that I have managed to lose 18lbs in 9 weeks.

What has helped me a lot this week has been the fact I have been in work and had more structure to my days, I think this is essential when losing weight as it makes it much easier to plan meals, also I have walked at least 3 miles everyday at work which gives me a weekly total of 21 miles. It may not sound much compared with others but I have kept moving every day and that has to help.

Today marks one week till my birthday and I have some things planned which may affect my loss. First I am going to a Greek Restaurant with my family and friends we will be having a meze which is amazing so I will be feasting on a selection of yummy food,the menu. Me and Jonathan ate here a few weeks ago and I fell in love and still had a loss! I am then going for a night out with my closest friends so it will involve alcohol and dancing I just need to stay away from the takeaway at the end of the night. I am not sure what to do on my actual birthday but I am thinking of asking my Mum to make me a Sunday dinner which will be healthy and on plan.

On the 17th me and Jonathan are off on holiday to Wales and I am hoping to remain on plan as much as possible, we will be staying in a caravan so have access to cooking facilities and we will be out and about most days so I will get a lot of walking in.

Hope everyone else is doing well and still losing. Wanted to ask you all a question, so here goes; How do you plan around events such as birthdays/holidays?

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