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Friday, 2 September 2011

Weigh in update 31/08/2011

I lost 2lbs this week :-) I'm really happy with that as it now means I have lost 3 stone 8lbs which is 50lbs!

I had a good week with exercise but not so great with food. I had a binge on Monday which consisted of 4 Shapers Strawberry Nougat bars, 16 syns in total. The rest of the week food was good and I have to say I am really enjoying my food a lot recently and I think that can account for the good losses I have had too.

Another factor in my good losses recently is the exercise, if you know me from You Tube you will know that I have been taking part in the Lifestyle Change Challenge which finishes this week after 6 weeks,I have loved doing and will continue with my walking and Just Dance 2. I'm really getting into walking and am hoping to walk up Rivington Pike in the next couple of months.

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