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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Weigh in Update

So, the last couple of weeks I have maintained, which is fine considering the bad choices that I have made whilst, being away. I knew June would be a busy one, below is how it started and how it finished.

  1. 9th June I travelled to Derby to stay in hotel
  2. 10th June Download Festival, just for the day and another night in a hotel.
  3. 12th June Take That at City of Manchester Stadium
  4. 13th June Ice Skating with friends followed by tea and drinks
  5. 16th June travel to Wolverhampton for Whitesnake gig and night in hotel
  6. 17th June travel from Wolverhampton to Somerset, another night in a hotel
  7. 18th June my friend's wedding and another night in a hotel
I have had lots of fun and no gain, however, I'm sure I could have put more effort into the choices I made and I am now struggling to get back on track.

In my most recent video I talk about things in my life not being the way I want them to be and how I plan to change it. I have decided there is no point sitting here moaning and feeling down about things that I am able to change or at least give it my best shot to change.

I have decided the number one thing that makes me feel down is the fact that I hate my job and with the fact that the job market is crap at the moment I am going to look into courses to improve my employability starting with looking at counselling. I have also signed up with plenty of job websites so fingers crossed I can change my work life soon.

My weight is a constant battle and I have realised I have to stop messing around. I want to start a family and I am going to be turning 29 in October so I really need to get on with losing the weight to have the best possible chance of getting pregnant.

Yesterday I started a paper diary to record what I do and eat during the day including my thoughts and feelings. Each week I will be selecting some quotes out of it to share.

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