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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Weigh in 26/05/2011

This week's weigh in was really good  I lost 4lbs and I reached two milestones. The first one being that I have finally lost 2stones and the second was that I have reached 30lb loss. S

I think this week's success was down to the amount of water I have drank and possible my speed soup. I also think that by planning my meal out with the girls helped a lot. I did go over my syns but didn't have as much as I would have usually and  I still had a good loss.

This week is my week off and I always struggle with my healthy eating when I don't have the structure of work, so far I've had one day off Slimming World on Saturday as I went to my parents to watch the Champions League Final and I had 2 bottles of cider, mousaka, greek salad, houmous and jam roly poly and custard.

So, as you can see I had a bit of a feast. I've been right back on it today with a 'fry-up' consisting of tomatoes, bacon, scrambled egg and Joe's garlic and herb sausages.

I'm hoping to have more blog posts up this week including some recipes that I am trying out.

Hope all of you are OK and the healthy living plan is going well.

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