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Monday, 6 December 2010

Hello Everyone

As the title says, hello everyone, well not at the moment as there aren't any followers but hopefully soon there will be. 

This is my first ever blog post, so please bear with me! I suppose I'd better say what this blog is going to be about, although blog may not be the best description, the waffle times is perhaps more fitting!

My name is Gemma and I live in the UK, the best part of it, yes you guessed the North! As my title suggests this is going to be my recording of my weightloss journey which I will be starting January 2011, yes I know this is a bit premature but I want to make sure everything is planned and ready to go for possibly the biggest challenge of my life, cue dramatic music.

So, why do I want to lose weight? Well I am fat, obese, chunky, blubber filled...the list goes on but I am definitely not big boned, although I've never been skinny enough to know, so maybe Cartman does have a point, well hopefully we will see, not hopefully we will see. 

Why now? Well as most fat people know there is always an excuse 'I'm meant to be this way' 'I can't start my diet yet because its birthday/party/Christmas/Easter', 'Diet's just don't work' The truth is keeping motivated is hard and dieting is hard, but, are they just more excuses falling from my fat face? 

So back to the question why now? Well it's easy, I've spent my teens and most of my twenties being the fat one I'm 28 and I have never been slim and I feel I owe it to myself to be slim I have abused my body for far too long with food and lots of it, don't get me wrong most of the time it's enjoyable but you get to a point where it physically disgusts me and is getting in the way of my life. I also want to have children and at the moment it isn't fair to any future children to have a fat Mum who cannot provide the best possible start for them. I have a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and my weight has an impact on that. All the medical information will say that with PCOS you are more prone to weight gain, whilst this maybe true, I do feel I have PCOS due to my weight.

How am I going to loose the weight? I am going to be following the Slimming World plan from home with support from forums and my blog.

If you have read this far, well done and stay tuned for more waffling post's leading up to the start date of my diet. If you too are doing a weight loss blog leave a link as I would love to follow you.

In the wise words of Rick Allen (Def Leppards drummer) Life is Great, be a rockstar!



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