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Friday, 7 June 2013

Fish Pie


Fish of your choice I used Tesco fish pie mix which consisted of salmon, cod and smoked haddock
Garden peas
Parsley Sauce (I used Asda instant which is 81 calories for 1/2 a packet)
1. Poach fish in some milk seasoned with salt and pepper. Boil potatoes
2. Make up parsley sauce as directed.
3. Add peas and prawns to milk.
4. Pour parsley sauce over and simmer for a  2-3 minutes.
5. Drain potatoes and mash. I find adding a splash of milk and an egg makes it creamy.
6. Place fish mixture into dish and top with mash potato. Place in over for 10 minutes to crisp up the top.

Serve with steamed vegetables and a sprinkle of cheese.

I made up 4 individual pies to freeze and placed them in foil containers (hence the pictures being upside down!)

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