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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Healthy eating on a budget challenge

I often hear people complaining that eating healthily is expensive and often these people stop healthy eating due to the cost. I, however, think I am opposite to this and feel that when eating badly I spend a lot on takeaways, eating out, chocolate and crisps. With this is mind I am going to do a challenge to see how low I can get my weekly shop and hopefully those who read my blog might be able to get their shopping down. Each week I will shop in a different supermarket for my main shop, and will include prices of any top ups I do. The main supermarkets I go to are Aldi, Asda and Tesco.

Budget means different amounts to different people and obviously prices depend upon whereabouts you live.  This Daily Mail article states that the British weekly food bill tops £77 a week for a family, it doesn't, however, say how big the family is. I think for a family of 2 plus a baby I can get our shopping for less.

During the challenge I will share my weekly shop and cost, food menus and any money saving tips I pick up along the way.


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  2. It's a good idea to challenge yourself to get lower prices. We're both really bad here about shopping for minimum cost, often we just want to get out of the store quickly and we don't take notice of cheaper brands and almost never use coupons. Produce can be outrageous here sometimes, if you get fresh items that are out of season in the local area. If you're not careful you can rack up one hell of a bill really fast that way (I do so often!). I think frozen is usually cheaper and although it often tastes worse for some items it tastes almost the same.