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Monday, 12 November 2012

Back on the wagon

My baby is now 5 weeks and 1 day old and I have failed miserably at getting back on the dieting wagon. For those of you that don't know I gained 15lbs throughout my pregnancy and then lost 20lbs, however, I have gained 2 of those back. I am still below my pre pregnancy weight but I still have a lot more to lose. My current weightloss is 74lbs (5 stone 4 pounds)

Today is day one of being back on my diet which is loosely based on Slimming World as I don't go to class so have to rely on a lot of the older information that I have but this works for me.

I would like to lose a stone (14lbs) for Christmas which gives me 6 weeks. I am hoping that eating well and getting plenty of walking in with Charlotte will help me get to this target.


  1. You sound overly harsh on yourself! You're already DOWN from where you were BEFORE the pregnancy! That little 2 lb blip is nothing. You should feel overwhelming relief that you have shed all that weight so quickly! It means that you really gained almost nothing more than what was needed for Charlotte, which is awesome.

    14 lbs/6 weeks is tough but possible I think. Especially if you stick with lots of daily walking or other exercise I'd say. Just don't get a flu like I did!

  2. Hi gemma, sorry i havent been on here for ages. hope you are well. i think your doing great, five stone is a lot of weight to lose and im sure you will be back on the wagon soon... its hard when you have got a new baby dont be too hard on your self, it took me two years to lose my weight after having abdu.. xxxx keep it up your doing great xxx