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Sunday, 12 February 2012

I finally got there!

That's right I got to my 5 stone (70lbs) loss mark this week after losing 2lbs. I am over the moon at getting here  because to be honest it shouldn't have taken me this long. I reckon if I had stuck religiously to my plan I would be hitting my 7 stone mark. I am thinking that this is going to be my halfway mark so another 5 stone and hopefully I should be done but as I have always been fat I don't know what I am going to look like in another 5 stones.

This week I have definitely been helped along by exercise, I have done plenty of walking including an epic walk from my house to my Mum's in the snow without falling!

If you follow me on youtube I have no computer at the moment except at work and on my phone so my videos won't start again until I have my computer fixed. So I haven't fallen off the wagon, my computer is just rubbish!

How is everyone else's week going?


  1. 5 stone is brilliant. Whether it's taken you this long or not, the fact is that you got there and that's a testament to how hard you've worked to achieve this. Well done!!

  2. What an achievement! You have done so well Gemma and you should be made up! Stop putting yourself down by saying "it could have been seven stone." ...You could have put five stone on, but you didn’t. You’ve lost a seven year old child / a male sea otter / 1000 cubic feet of air / a Labrador dog / luggage allowance on Singapore Airlines / a male wolverine -- in weight. That is mega! I hope you’re going to treat yourself to something non-food related! :o) xxx

  3. Congrats for making your 5 stone... It shows what hard work and commitment can get u.