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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Delayed weigh in and update

My last weigh in was the 13th October and I have been too busy to post an update as it was my birthday and then I went away for the week with Jonathan to Wales.

I had a great birthday and was spoilt as usual, my Mum and Dad got me a bike :-) so expect lots of biking pictures to follow. I am excited to get going on it but a little apprehensive as it's been so long since I rode a bike but apparently you never forget how to.

Our holiday was fantastic and I'm sad to be at home, especially because I am back in work this afternoon :-( I will post some pictures in the next few days of the amazing scenery we got to see.

So, onto my weigh in I lost 2lb which meant I got to my birthday target of losing 20lbs in 10 weeks. I have now lost a total of 4 stone 5lbs (61lbs)

I am not having an official weigh in the week so my next weigh is the 27th October I feel as though I have put a lot of over my birthday weekend and holiday but have decided not to weigh as I don't want to feel sorry for myself because what will happen will be a binge. So today is a new day and I am getting right back on the wagon with scrambled egg, bacon and beans for breakfast, spaghetti bolognese for dinner and carrot and butternut squash soup for tea.

I have some more recipes coming up and as always anything you would like to see just let me know.

Hope you are all well and the healthy eating has gone better than mine has!!!


  1. So your 2lbs loss was from last week, not as of today, right? Either way, you're still doing great overall. It's awesome to meet a goal like your 20 lbs in 10 weeks.

    You must be really proud to have lost the 60 lbs this year! I bet some of the changes haven't sunk in yet. Even going slow as we are, I find that many times I still think of myself as bigger than I am now.

    Thanks for your FB comment and I'm glad I can be here to lose weight along with you.

  2. Yes the weigh is from last week not from today I am back on the wagon good and proper today luckily my measurements haven't changed but feel my face is fatter but I know by next week I will have anything I have gained gone.

    I am proud to have lost the 60lbs this year and am hoping to be at least 80lbs lost by Christmas I am still bigger and still haven't got a target in mind for goal I think once I'm happy with the way I look I will stop with the losing and do maintenance but I think that won't be until the end of 2012.