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Saturday, 24 September 2011

A gain

So this week I had a gain of a lb and I am lucky it wasn't more than that, I am just so disappointed in myself after doing so well over the past few weeks. These past few weeks have been the best I've felt in a long time I've eaten well, moved more and people are noticing more that I have lost a lot of weight. I just don't understand why I messed up so much.

It means I now have 8lbs to lose in the three weeks leading up to my birthday and I hope I can make it, last week I was positive that I would get more than the 20lbs loss that I set myself to lose but now I'm going to be lucky to get the 8lbs. The next target I had was to lose 20lbs between October and Christmas which if all goes to plan I will have lost a total of 5 stone 11lbs (81lbs) I would ideally push this to a 6 stone loss (84lbs) so I best get my walking shoes on!

On Saturday my sister and couple of friends came round for munchies, X Factor and planning our car boot sale which we did on Sunday morning. We had pizza, wedges, crisps, dips, chocolate and wine, I felt so ill when I went to bed and actually had heart burn for the first time since Christmas. The rest of the week wasn't bad but wasn't great either I found myself gravitating towards easy meals like savoury rice and past 'n' sauce without even adding vegetables or a side salad I also didn't eat much fruit.

Exercise wise I did well I did a couple of walks one of 5K and one only 2K. On the 2K walk I was trying out my new app JogTracker which I love already. The app uses your phone's GPS and can record your walk/run/cycle in miles or kilometers as well as timing you. It also gives you an option to enter your weight and age so it can calculate how many calories you have burnt. If you choose to create an online account you can upload all your walks. I have an android phone does anyone else have any good fitness or weight loss apps that they enjoy using?

As mentioned above I did a car boot sale on Sunday with my sister and friend.We had a lot of my Gran's things to sell from when we cleared her flat out, me and my sister made £180 and my friend £25 so it was well worth it we still have a lot of things to sell so we are thinking of doing another ones in November/December to make some extra Christmas money.

So how is everyone else? Hope your weight loss is going well? I can't believe how quickly this year has gone, I can't wait to be able to review the year and see how much weight I have lost altogether. I asked on my last post for ideas on posts that people would like to see I didn't get any suggestions but I have been having a think and I am going to to a series of posts about my favourite slimming world meals, healthy extras and syns followed by a series of my favourite android apps.

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  1. Hey!

    Don't worry to much about the gain. Whats 1lb compared to what you've lost! Plus im pretty sure you will lose it again next week and you'll be right back on track for target!
    Plus you now exactly where it went wrong.... its PIZZA! I had a 2lb gain a few weeks back and the only thing I did different was have pizza of my "naughty night" (after weigh in lol) instead of my usual Chippy Chips!!
    Pizza is the devil... I am convinced. The syn values per slice are ridiculous! So don't beat yourself up to much. Your only human :) And who can so no to a slice of pizza hey? I sure can't!

    You have done brilliantly so far!

    As for post ideas - Recipes are always good :) I love discovering new recipes.

    Keep it up :)

    p.s. I love reading your blogs :)