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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weigh in 13/07/2011

Hey everyone hope you are all doing well. This week's weigh in was a good one I lost 4lbs to take my total up to 38lbs I was so happy when I got on the scales. I am now only 2lbs away from 40lbs loss and 4lbs away from 3stone.

Weigh in was one day early because I went away with Jonathan to Whitby for a couple of days, we had an amazing time, here we are below giving our best smiles!

So for the rest of the week I need to be very, very good we had fish and chips(well it's Whitby you have to), an Indian meal and I may or may not have got really drunk one night!! So everyone keep your fingers crossed that my hard work will pay off on Thursday and I show a loss. 

Oh and I failed on the chocolate giving up thing, I gave into a curly wurly, within syns of course!

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