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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Weigh in 07/07/201

So weigh in was a bit rubbish this week I gained a 1lb. At first I was shocked but when I looked back over my week I had 3 days where I hadn't been on plan so it should have been expected.

On Friday night I went to watch Erasure at Delamere Forest with my Mum, Sister and Sister's friend. It was awesome but we had sausages in bread rolls, my Mum had the genius idea of putting the sausages and onions into Thermos flasks to keep them warm we also had cake and strawberries.

On Saturday me and Jonathan had a BBQ  so I had more bread and a bottle of wine. Finally on Monday I went to Frankie and Benny's with my friend Claire and did not make the right choices.

I was disappointed that I hadn't made the best of my week especially since I wanted to lose 10lbs this month, this is still achievable but it has given me a difficult month ahead if I want to achieve it.

I have my last shift in work this evening for 15days and I'm excited as you all know I hate my job but it will also give me some time to tackle my exercise as it's a bit ridiculous I haven't been exercising.

Jonathan and me are going to Whitby on Wednesday for two nights and I'm super excited as I've never been and I've heard it's a lovely place.

I also have some more recipe posts coming up in the next few days. Hope you are all doing well, if any of you have blogs can you leave a comment with the link so I can follow you all back.

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